Gantry Plaza Park

Idk if anyone been here but it’s honestly one of the little gems in Queens. I love this park, it honestly a wonderful place to hang out and just take a walk. When I first came here I was in high school then hurricane sandy hit and it some what destroyed the park. The hammocks and parts of the park was just left in ruins. 

It took a couple years for the park to reopen. When it first reopened, the park wasn’t very popular but as time went on and more towers were built around it. I think it been a go-to spot for family parties, gathering, and events. The condos in the area are crazy expensive.

oh yeah money GIF by QuickBooks

One bedroom rent for ONE month is about $3,000+. I don’t know what these people do but they honestly are pretty well off. In the towers, surrounding the park, they have pools, gyms, study rooms/library, fire place, saunas, and mini play rooms for children within the building. If you go into some of them, the employee who greets you out front, gives free dog biscuits out. I don’t know any other condo that does that. It just crazy how rich these buildings are.

I see why it’s expensive tho, you get a skyline and view of the city right from your window and a wonderful park within a short walk. LIC has become and up and coming spot for university students and young adults to live.

I took these pictures of gantry plaza park over two different weekends. I just love the view.

At night it’s even prettier.

It’s a definitely a must go

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