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Weekend Adventures

It is a little embarrassing but over the weekend, I went to go catch pokemon for the pokemon go community day. For me I grew up on the pokemon franchise. It’s something that I will hold close to my heart for a long time. I…

Avengers ENDGAME

Have you guys seen the avengers endgame? I went to see this movie at 5am on friday. As you can see, I couldn’t wait to see it because I know there would be a bunch of spoilers everywhere. Even on giphy, there are gifs of…

Second time trying to make a vaporwave

Propaganda Poster #2


Till this day, my favorite trip is still, JAPAN. I have gone to Japan three times. When I tell my friends and family, I want to go again. They give me this look.. and tell me They all look at me, like I’m crazy. But…

My Own Domain!

I’m excited to start my own website, never would I have thought I would be doing something like this.

For this website I want to talk about my travels and just my adventures in general. Ever since I was kid, I wanted to travel the world but because my family couldn’t afford it, I would just live vicariously through other people’s travel until I was able to afford my own trips. Now I try to travel at least once a year.

What I mainly used as guides were blogs and vlogs. People post about food and their sight-seeing adventures. Took bullet point notes as I watched. The food vlogs were my favorite. Watching them made me hungry.

Best ways to get tips for trips are blogs and youtube videos.

I’m thrilled and ready to give some pointers and tips of my recent travels.